• Cleaning
  • Orthodontics
  • Zoom

Cleaning (Prophylaxis)

+ Cleaning (Ultrasonic System)
+ X - Ray
+ Diagnosis
+ Family Discount

$45.00 USD (Basic)


+ CheckUp
+ Clean
+ Orthodontics Brackets
+ Monthly monitoring

30% + Monthly $ 69 USD

Tooth Whitening

+ CheckUp and Clean
+ Whitening Zoom
+ Tooth Mousse(Sensitivity)
+ Kit bleaching Gel
+ Dental Guard

Package $ 249 USD

          U.S. INSURANCES ACCEPTED          

Visit Dental Tijuana

Go to the dentist is something that usually we do not like. Always find a good excuse to postpone our visit. Until something really annoying or painful. You must visit the dentist every 6 months. Tijuana dentist.

Reflections: Turning to the dentist regularly, you can prevent diseases of the mouth and can treat them when they appear and have caused little damage. The treatments will be simple and inexpensive compared to what would happen if we do not often a dental office. 

With the advancement of dentistry, there is no reason for the dental treatment is painful or just annoying. Each day the equipment, materials and instruments used by the Mexico dentist are safer for the patient. Healt tourism in Tijuana, Baja, Mexico.

Visit the tijuana dentist, because usually the mouth diseases are chronic in nature and harm of a phased manner.


Dental Newton Tijuana
"Salud y Estetica Sin Dolor"
Dentist Laura Angelica Gamboa Atkinson
Tijuana (664) 647.0868
USA (213) 291.1407
EMail Info@TijuanaDentista.com


Tijuana Dentist - Dental Health

A healthy smile is more than cosmetic. Studies indicate that the health of your teeth and gums can indicate the status of all your health in general. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to an increased risk of certain diseases in adults. Tijuana dentist.

It was thought that aging was losing natural teeth. We now know that this is not true. According to the National Center for information on oral hygiene, following some simple steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy - and to visit the dentist regularly can keep your teeth for life. Tijuana Dentist.

Dental floss to remove germs and food particles between teeth. Note! Insert the floss between your teeth gently. Not hitting target, this could injure the gums. And rinse. Tijuana dentist.

Toothbrush. Use any tooth brushing method that is most comfortable, but do not rub vigorously from side to side. Small circular movements and movements from one to the other short side is best. And rinse. Tijuana dentist.


Dental Newton Tijuana
"Salud y Estetica Sin Dolor"
Dentist Laura Angelica Gamboa Atkinson
Tijuana (664) 647.0868
USA (213) 291.1407
EMail Info@TijuanaDentista.com


Endodontics or Root Canal

Root Canal in Tijuana. It is a treatment of the tooth endodontically, when it was severely damaged by decay or a major trauma. In those clinical situations there is commitment...

Tooth Whitening

Teeth Whitening or Tooth Whitening

Now in Tijuana. If you want to look better or if you have yellowish teeth by smoking or drinking coffee, tooth whitening is a sure way to improve your smile and gain...


Veneers used to cover gaps.

Dental Newton Tijuana. Porcelain veneers are thin, shell-like slices of ceramic bonded to the front of the teeth. They are used to cover gaps, to reshape...


Crowns, Metal, Porcelain, Zirconia

Crowns in Tijuana. When a tooth is weakened by cavities, conduits treatments, several large arrangements, wear or abuse by age, then protect it is indicated with a crown, which covers...